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As Wuhan Fanzhou Chuetsu Metal Co.,Ltd continued to grow and develop, the accumulation of outstanding corporate culture and the spirit of hard work over the years people achievements, contributions, all illustrate the company has grown, with a certain scale and heritage.
Today, the company has been formed from raw materials to the casting precision machining of finished one-stop production system, and has a strong research and development capabilities Multiple copper alloy for the production of the highest quality products and make unremitting efforts with day and night.
In recent years, we in the unremitting efforts of all staff with full enthusiasm and spirit of making progress status, effective to carry out the work, improve and perfect the management system, and gradually improve the quality of business volume. These achievements are related to the staff of the arduous and efforts are inseparable, with our hard work, innovation, closely related to the selfless dedication. Here, thanks for the tireless efforts of all colleagues!
We taste wine, to share the joy, we must also soberly aware that: in a highly competitive market environment, our companies still face a wide range of opportunities and severe challenges. We must seize new opportunities, meet new challenges, with a high sense of mission and responsibility to promote the sustainable development of our company, go all out to build brands.
To further enhance the sense of belonging to the staff of enterprises, enhance cohesion, cultural wall production company, and use of new propaganda tool WeChat and other ways, the staff organized a series of activities such as singing contest, badminton, fishing competitions, making use of Photo Contest Works company publicity desk calendar, organize excellent staff travel, etc., and vigorously promote the basic situation of the company and corporate culture.
Company WeChat public channel will continue to be based on the general staff, and strive to promote the company spirit, exchange experiences, to show the style of employees, management methods are summarized learn from peers, staff read more rich content, showing a colorful Pan-Island Vietnam. Let us join hands in the future path of development, bravely forward.
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